Our Heritage


Lilac Breasted Roller was born out of a desire to bring together small prestigious boutique brands in the beauty industry and connect them with our discerning artisan clientele in new colourful ways.

We work according to the ethos of quality perfection for products, attentive services and paradigm-shifting education, all embraced by a friendly, creative and innovative organisation.

Everything we do is exceptionally luxurious. Today, luxury is no longer merely defined by price point and being in the right magazine or boutique. Today it means being different, being innovative, attracting a high level of consumer attention on several platforms.

We choose to serve the cultured, the curious and the intelligent who appreciate our dedication to this very genuine way of bringing luxury brands to high-end customers across the heart of Europe

We will bring you an evolving range of brands, products and services in Great Britain, France and Germany. You can join us on here for live feeds on products and services.