Apotheke Brooklyn


Chrissy Fichtl’s passion of soap making, scent direction and essential oils are the roots of what created Apotheke Brooklyn in 2011. Beginning with sourcing essential oils directly from farms, she launched herself in the beauty of essential oils and soap making.  The finest oils, blended with essential oils and natural botanicals ensures the outmost quality and enjoyment of each hand made candle, diffuser, body and skin care.

Joining the business as lead production is Chrissy’s husband Sebastian Picasso. He aided in maintaining the philosophy that the art of hand crafted, high quality goods can still be made steps from home.

The brand is carried by many inspiring and lovely hotels around the world, including The Williamsburg Hotel, and leading upscale retailers such as Whole Foods who give their vote of confidence to pure ingredients. The brand is proud to donate part of their revenue to the Bowery Mission in New York.

The results are pure joy and a guilt-free, luxurious feel.



Dreamt and made in Brooklyn, Apotheke was born from the need of a well-made and beautifully fragranced product. The founders believe every day should be appreciated with not a moment taken for granted. From the second you wake up through a busy to day to a night at home, their products greet you in the morning and put you to bed at night. They are your lived in luxury. Something you use everyday and enjoy every - single - time.